GOD 69 is a global collective with roots in Chicago and Berlin. an information gathering quadratropic mirroring unit, activated and deployed before time was, in order to maintain and govern the optical device, Quanta. Quanta is a remotely superpostioned information processing device that flows and rotates within space time in order to translate pure energy as information into an infinite array of spectral frequency bands. it is energy and the order within energy. if you don't stop climbing, the stairs won't end all you know is true do not believe if you want to know as above, so below do not believe if you want to know stamping glyphs across the surface traveling without moving anu ki chu 13:20:33 kykeon thoth will guide you towards a beautiful escape choiak_108 _tybi_ 108_hekhalot ride the chariot of the antikythera mirrored phases reflections show the path, traveling without moving you will appear on the inner ring we must sustain the periphery all of yourselves eternal awake inside the dream